Types of contributions

Talks: 15 min + 5 min discussion
Posters: 2 poster sessions in the late afternoon

Abstract submission deadline: 31 Jan 2021
Download our abstract template (DOCX, 1.4 MB)

Important notice
We will use the ZOOM platform for all talks. Thus, make sure that ZOOM is installed (and working) on your computer, and that you have a stable internet connection. Your presentation will be streamed to the audience via screen-sharing and audio. Additionally, you may also share your camera video if you wish.

The poster sessions will be hosted on Jitsi Meet. Jitsi is a free, browser-based meeting platform that can be used without registration. Note that you may need to grant your browser access to your microphone and/or camera.


Talks may be up to 15 minutes long, followed by a discussion of about 5 minutes.

Please prepare your slides either in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. The slides will be streamed from your computer, so you are free to use any presentation software of your liking. You are free to pre-record you presentation. In any case, it is your obligation to ensure an appropriate video and audio quality.

We will offer a test meeting before the OWPC. All speakers will be informed via e-mail about date and time of this test meeting.

How-To lectures

How-To lectures are special talks that should present strategies to overcome typical or even unusual challenges in phosphorus chemistry, for example by explaining working techniques, spectroscopic methods, computational methods etc.

While you can, of course, also promote your own research in a How-To lecture, the focus of these talks should be more on a tutorial-style presentation of a concept or topic of your choice.


Posters should be in PDF format. They will be made available on the OWPC website for the whole duration of the conference (rather than just during the poster sessions) to improve their visibility. During the poster session, every poster presenter will have a personal Jitsi meeting in which they can answer questions and discuss their results with other participants.

Please take advantage of the online format of the poster sessions!

We have a few recommendations that can help you improve the visibilty and accessibility of your poster:

  • Use landscape format, which is more naturally displayed on a computer screen.
  • The text on your poster should be readable without zooming or panning.
  • You may prepare 1-3 additional slides for your poster presentation during the poster session. Feel free to include video or animations that help others understand your work.
  • Use the chat room to answer questions independently of the poster sessions.
  • Use social media to promote your poster presentation.
  • Help us award a prize to the best questioner by sending your vote via e-mail. (See below for details)

Please ensure a stable internet connection and apporpriate video and audio quality for your presentation during the poster session. We will offer a test meeting before the OWPC. All poster presenters will be informed via e-mail about date and time of this test meeting.

Read more about the poster sessions


Questions may be asked during the live Q&A sessions after each talk, and of course during the poster sessions. We are aware, however, that these sessions only have limited time slots. Therefore, a separate chat room for questions and discussions will be provided for each presentation. The chat may be used during the whole conference to get in contact with speakers and poster presenters. Please, use this opportunity to ask all your questions that might otherwise remain unanswered!

To encourage the use of the chat room and participation at the poster sessions, we will award a prize to the participant who asks the most interesting and most helpful questions throughout the conference. All participants with an active contribution (talk/poster) are asked to send us their vote via e-mail. (Please note that you cannot vote for someone from your own group.)

If you have questions, please contact our help desk via chat or write us an e-mail.