General information

The online workshop is scheduled for 29-31 March 2021 and will include a series of short talks as well as poster presentations by PhD students. There will also be a plenary lecture by a distinguished researcher.

Talks: 15 min + 5 min discussion
Posters: 2 poster sessions in the late afternoon

Abstract submission deadline: 31 Jan 2021
Download our abstract template (DOCX, 1.4 MB)

In memory of our friend and collegue Prof. Paul Kamer (1960-2020), the Tuesday morning sessions will be dedicated to Paul's life and the chemistry of his research group.

Participation at the online workshop will be free of charge. We will use Zoom for all talks and Jitsi Meet for all poster presentations. Moreover, a chat function will be provided via Rocket.Chat for discussions during the breaks.* The only bad news is that you'll have to buy some cookies and make coffee for the breaks yourself.

If you wish to give a talk or present a poster at the OWPC, please submit your abstract by 31 Jan 2021.

Attendance is open to everyone, registration is not required to participate. However, we recommend to sign up for our newsletter, which will inform you of important updates such as the final programme, links to the talks etc. once they become available.

Organizing Committee


LIKAT Rostock

Jonas Bresien
Uni Rostock

Prof. Dr.
Axel Schulz
Uni Rostock

Prof. Dr.
Christian Müller
FU Berlin


* Thanks to the ORCA team, who had this great idea for their online ORCA user meeting in November 2020.

If you have questions, please contact our help desk via chat or write us an e-mail.