Coronavirus notice: A final decision regarding the format of EWPC-18 (in-person/online) will be made in late Jan 2022. Read more ...

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18th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry (EWPC-18)

The European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry (EWPC) offers early-stage researchers an opportunity to communicate their work to the leading European research groups in phosphorus chemistry.

The long tradition of workshops previously held in Kaiserslautern (2004), Bonn (2005), Leipzig (2006), Zandvoort (2007), Regensburg (2008), Florence (2009), Budapest (2010), Münster (2011), Rennes (2012), Regensburg (2013), Sofia (2014), Kassel (2015), Berlin (2016), Cluj-Napoca (2017), Uppsala (2018), Bristol (2019) and Rennes (2020) will be continued with the 18th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry in Rostock, Germany. This workshop series has a strong reputation for fruitful exchange of ideas, opinions and excellent discussions. The aspects of phosphorus chemistry covered by this workshop span organic, inorganic, polymer, materials chemistry and biological chemistry.

The programme will include talkshow-to lectures and poster presentations from PhD students, as well as an invited plenary lecture by a distinguished researcher. Students will also chair the sessions of oral contributions. Prizes for best talks, posters, and chairs will be awarded.

Talk or How-to: 15 min + 5 min discussion
Poster: Two poster sessions in the afternoon

If you wish to apply for a presentation, please submit your abstract until 31 Jan 2022. Still undecided? Learn more about our types of contributions. Where to begin? Download our abstract template.

Current state of affairs

Updated: 29 Nov 2021

The EWPC-18 is currently planned as an in-person meeting in Rostock, Germany, in March 2022. However, with the fourth wave of COVID-19 hitting Germany at the moment, you will understand that this decision cannot be final at this time. We will re-evaluate the situation at the end of January 2022 to make a final decision if the workshop must be switched to an online format. 

Your health is of utmost importance to us. If we decide for an in-person meeting, we will follow strict safety measures. Thus, only fully vaccinated persons or persons who have recovered from COVID-19 within the past 6 months will be allowed to participate (certificates required). Additionally, each participant will be asked to perform a rapid antigen test before attending the conference. Also, if you are feeling unwell and show symptoms consistent with a potential Coronavirus infection, we will kindly ask you to stay away from the conference and seek medical advice.

We know it is unsatisfactory that we cannot give you a more definitive plan. Yet, after almost two years of online meetings, we feel that an in-person meeting is something everyone of us is looking forward to. Please bear with us and wait for our final decision before you make travel plans, or only book tickets that are refundable. Note that we cannot cover any costs that may arise from cancelling your journey.

Since the pandemic will also make it difficult to raise funds in large amounts, it may be possible that a small contribution (<50 EUR) will be raised. Of course, participation will be free of charge if we switch to an online format.

Registration is now open. Please register and submit your abstract by January 31, 2022.

Further news

EWPC-18 postponed to 2022

EWPC-18 to be postponed to March 2022

Updated: 27 Nov 2020

Covid-19 has affected all areas of our lives, and now it unfortunately also affects the yearly schedule of the EWPC. As you have probably already guessed, we are forced to postpone the EWPC-18 in Rostock by one year, due to the continuing uncertainty with respect to travel regulations, rules for social distancing, and quarantine regulations that may or may not apply in March 2021. In consequence, we are currently unable to book a lecture hall, not to mention make arrangements for catering or hotel reservations.

While this decision was not easy for us, we hope that you will understand. Ultimately, we are convinced that all our health is of utmost importance, and postponing the EWPC is the right decision.

Announcing OWPC

Nonetheless, we want to give PhD students a public platform for their phosphorus research. Thus, we will organise an OWPC (Online Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry) as an additional platform for the exchange of ideas during the wait for the next regular EWPC meeting.

The online workshop will include both short lectures and a poster session. All details may be found on the OWPC website.

In memoriam Prof. Paul Kamer

In memoriam Prof. Paul Kamer

Updated: 02 Dec 2020

We mourn for Prof. Paul Kamer, who unfortunately passed away two weeks ago. Paul was Professor at the LIKAT in Rostock and part of our EWPC-18 organizing committee. Not only do we lose an extraordinary Phosphorus chemist, but also a friend and great person.

In memory of him, he will remain a member of our organizing committee posthumously. Furthermore, a memorial colloquium will be held as part of the OWPC on Tuesday, 30 March 2021, 9:00-11:30 a.m. CET.

In memoriam Prof. François Mathey

In memoriam Prof. François Mathey

Updated: 11 Dec 2020

Unfortunately, we have another very sad message to convey: Very recently, we received a note about the passing of Prof. François Mathey. We are truly sorry for the loss of yet another great Phosphorus chemist.

At a glance

EWPC-18, 2022

14-16 March 2022

Rostock, Germany

Register by
31 Jan 2022

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Call for abstracts: Submit an abstract for your contribution by Jan 31, 2022  |  Template  |  Types of contributions